I'm Johnathan Barrett, a software developer from Belfast, Northern Ireland focussed on creating rich, interactive experiences on the web.

I'm primarily a backend developer that loves Laravel, enjoys Ember.js and tolerates Rails. I mostly work with PHP & JavaScript making use of frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter when I have to maintain legacy code, jQuery and Ember.js.

I also write in Ruby leveraging frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra, when I can get away with it.

When I'm not making the Internet for money I like to work on my own side projects exploring new technologiesI can then introduce into the work place. When I'm not sat in front of a computer I enjoy spending time with my dog, drinking as much buckfast as I can and turning my brain to mush in front of Netflix.

You can see the code I've written on Github, see how much Taylor Swift I've been listening to on last.fm and see the shite I'm talking on twitter.

ps. I also really like fire engines.